Fix 1600, 1604 and 16xx Errors for Custom iOS 4.1 Restore on iPhone 3G

If you read the post “Snowbreeze 2.0.1 Released to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 (Certain Devices) [Howto Guide]” and comments after the post, you will see that many users have reported 1600, 1604 and such other errors which occur while restore the custom iOS 4.1 prepared by Snowbreeze 2.0.1.

As promised in my last post, here are some possible solutions to these errors. But I don’t know which will work in your case because I didn’t face such errors during restoration process.



Boyhsu just posted a new solution to 1611 error in the comments below. I am going to quote the whole comment here:

Hi guys..

I think I know what is wrong with my problem.
I was restoring Snowbreeze 3GS – 4.1 (customized ispw) with iBooty method enabled. If I restore with that iBooty method enabled, I always get the unknown error 1611 when restoring in itunes.

Make another customized SnowBreeze ispw WITHOUT enabling the iBooty method, then restore your iphone with that new ispw. Then Everything is fine.


Solution 1 for 1600, 1604 and 16xx errors:

If you have got two PCs, try another PC and the problem will be solved in most cases.

Solution 2 for 1600, 1604 and 16xx errors:

If you are on Mac and get 1600 or 1604 errors from itunes, try: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/”Device Support” ;  if that directory already exists, remove any files in it.  Now retry.

Solution 3 for 1600, 1604 and 16xx errors:

In case you are a windows user, delete device support files (restore files) in iTunes folder in the following locations:

– Windows 7 and Vista : C:/*UsersName*/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunesDevice Support
– Windows XP : C:/Documents and Settings/*UserName*/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/Device Support

Make sure that you select show hidden files under your folder options.

Solution 4:

You may also try:

  • Install the latest version of iTuens if you have an old one.
  • Try changing the USB port or use another system.
  • Also try killing iTunes process in Task manager and iPod services after the error occurs. Reopen iTunes and try again.

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4 Replies

  1. Nehemothsays:

    I would to know how can use snowbreeze to create an IPSW without ibooty, I had created severals file, simple and expert mode but there’s not option to remove ibooty.

    I tried several pc’s too.

    Using Snowbreeze 2.1 on 4.1 firmware

  2. Oblivic1990says:

    non of this worked for me = i’m trying to restore to 4.1 on my iphone 3g and i get error 1604 i used redsnow.

  3. Leo Crsays:

    don’t work for me =S

  4. Chekosays:

    Thanks for your solutions, I had several types of errors 21 16XX
    now its activated

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