Fix “Emails Stuck in Outbox on iPad / iPhone” Problem

email stuck outbox iphone

If you are an emailer and have got an iPhone or iPad, you may have faced the problem where your email(s) gets stuck in the outbox folder. You don’t need to get annoyed as it happens with every other person. Here are few solutions to get rid of these emails or send them successfully.

If you don’t want to completely remove them but want to send them, try these tips.

email stuck outbox iphone

Solution 1: Re-launch Mail App

Double tap the home button to open the recently used apps. If you don’t find Mail app on the screen, simply swipe left or right to find it and then swipe up to remove it from the iPhone / iPad RAM memory.


Now re-launch Mail app from the homescreen and wait for a few moments. The app will try to resend your stuck emails from the outbox.

Solution 2: Reboot iPhone

If the app re-launching doesn’t work for you, try rebooting your device.

The usual way of performing this task is by simply keeping pressed the Power button of iPhone/iPad.

The other way is to fast reboot the device. This is done by holding down the Home button and Power button at the same time.

When the device comes back to life, it will try to resend all the emails pending in the Outbox. Make it sure the Phone is connected to a working WiFi or Cellular network.

Solution 3: Manually Re-Send Mails

If the above mentioned two solutions fail, try sending the emails manually.

Open Mail app and tap on Outbox.

Now tap on the email which you want to get delivered immediately.


Tap on the “Send” option at the top of the┬áright corner.

Solution 4: Deleting All Unsent Messages

Have you tried all the solutions and still see those irritating “Unsent Messages” alert at the bottom of Mail app every time you open it?

Don’t worry.

Here is the method which I use to get rid of these annoying messages. I simply delete them all and re-compose and re-send. That’s all.

Sometimes, iPhone / iPad doesn’t allow us to delete these messages. In this case, turn on AirPlane mode and send them all to Trash.

Tap the Edit button and then “Trash All”. If you want to keep some emails, simply select the unwanted ones and trash them.

Trash Emails

You can also swipe left to remove the emails individually from the Outbox.

If you use any other tips, method or trick to resolve this problem, share with us.

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