How to Fix Fast Draining Battery Issue on Apple’s AirPods

how to replace airpods battery

Are you facing fast draining battery issue on your Airpods? Continue reading on to find a solution for this problem

Apple’s Airpods are one of the best airpods currently available in the market. If your gadgets revolve around the Apple ecosystem, then this product is must-have for a lot of users.

The first generation of Airpods was unveiled in 2016 and Apple fans were really impressed by its design and battery life. In the second generation of Airpods, Apple improved the product line, especially with enhanced battery life.
Fast Battery Draining AirPods how to Fix

According to Apple claims, one should expect up to five hours of listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc or three hours of talk time on a single charge with AirPod second generation. In the first generation, the listening time is the same but the talk time is one hour less than the second one.

Methods to Fix Airpods Fast Draining Battery Problem

If your Airpods are rather new and you are not getting enough usage time between charges, you don’t need to worry about it much. Here are a few simple tips and methods you can apply to fix the fast battery draining issue on the AirPods.

Solution 1. Reset Airpods to fix the fast draining battery issue
Solution 2. Unpair and reconnect airpod with your device
Solution 3. Drain the airpods’ battery fully and recharge
Solution 4: Update or restore your iPhone to fresh iOS version
Solution 5: Use one airpod at a time
Solution 6: Turn off Hey Siri

We will discuss each method in details in the following paragraphs.

Solution 1. Reset Airpods

As with every modern tech gadget, resetting is the first step one should perform if the device is malfunctioning. Resetting airpods will usually clear out the clogs related to software issues. This method will not work if the damage has been done at the hardware level.

Resetting airpods is very simple.

Step 1: Open the lid of the charging case. Press and hold the setup button at the back of the charging case for at least 15 seconds. The status light will flash amber a couple of times and then white.

How to reset Airpods
Step 2: Reconnect your device with your iPhone or Mac and observe the battery draining issue.

If the issue is still there, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Unpair and Reconnect Airpods from the devices.

Sometimes unpairing airpods from the devices and reconnecting them solves the battery problem.

Perform the following steps on your iPhone to unpair airpods from all the devices including Apple Watch, Mac and iPad. If you follow these steps on the iPad or Mac, it will unpair on those devices only. Your iPhone will remain paired.

Step 1: Fire up settings app on the iPhone, go the Bluetooth.

Step 2: Under “My Devices” tap the information button, which is “i” enclosed in a circle.

Step 3: Select and confirm “Forget this Device”.

If you don’t have an iPhone and want to unpair airpods on iPad, follow the above steps on the iPad.

Unpair Repair Airpods

To unpair Airpods from Mac only, hold down Alt key, go to “Bluetooth” on the menu bar, select iPods and remove them.

Step 4: To reconnect airpods with iPhone, open the lid of airpods’ charging case next to the iPhone.

Tap “Connect” on the pop up which appears on the “Control Center”.

Solution 3: Drain and Recharge Airpods Battery Fully

Sometimes a glitch may appear in the calibration of the battery. Though it doesn’t happen very often in modern batteries, still the possibility can not be ruled out.

Recalibration is done by simply draining the airpods battery all to the zero levels by listening to music or making a call.

Then allow airpods to charge again for at least 4-5 hours.

The procedure should not be performed on a regular basis as draining the battery to a zero level is considered bad for the modern batteries. Once after every 3-4 months is more than enough.

Solution 4: Update iOS firmware on your iDevice

Sometimes a bug may appear in the iDevice’s software which may be the culprit of fasting battery draining issue.

After applying all the above-mentioned solutions, if the problem still persists, we should consider updating our devices to the latest iOS version. If they are already running the latest version, try restoring the fresh firmware on them. It often solves any problem.

Solution 5: Using one Airpod at a time

This trick is not recommended in the situation where you want to listen to music, but in case of calls or audiobooks, it works.

You can use one airpod to talk on iPhone while letting the other one to charge. After 15-20 minutes, put the first one in the charging case and use the second for calling.

Solution 6: Turn off Hey Siri on Airpod

The second generation of Airpods can invoke Siri by just saying “Hey Siri”. It means Siri is always listening for you until your turn off “Hey Siri” in the settings.

If you are not a regular user of Siri, you should turn it off to preserve battery life on Airpods.

To do this follow the steps:

How to Improve Airpods battery life

• Open Settings on your iPhone.
• Tap on “Siri & Search” tab.
• Turn the toggle next to “Listen for Hey Siri” to the off position.

If you are using Airpods with multiple devices, you should turn it off on each device.

After following the above-mentioned methods, we hope you may get a better battery life on your airpods.

None of these solutions worked for you? It is the time to contact Apple for repair or replacement. We don’t recommend you to get it repaired by a local guy, especially when the product is still in warranty.

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