Fix No Cellular Data and FaceTime after iOS 4.1 Unlock and Jailbreak [How To]

Some users have reported that they experienced some problems like “No Cellular Data” and “No FaceTime” after they jailbreaked and unlocked iPhone on iOS 4.1.

The first thing you should check whether your iPhone is loading the correct Carrier Budle after unlock. For this purpose, go to Settings->General->About. If it is showing the irrelevant carrier budle, this is you main problem which is preventing the activation of FaceTime too.

Follow these simple steps to resolve the No Cellular Data and FaceTime Issue.

Step 1: Launch Cydia and add the following source

Step 2: Install Carrier Reset Fix.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, remove the SIM and reinsert it.

Step 4: Go to Settings – General – About and now you will see the correct settings.

Step 5: Slide ON the FaceTime in Settings and it will start working again.

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  1. Every time after switch off and switch on i must reinstall carrier reset fix :-( By the way, If i switch on my iphone 4 IOS 4.1 i can’t see my operator, only reboot 3-4 may did it….

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