FolderEnhancer (v1.0.2) and Gridlock (v1.1.2) Updated to Support Each Other

If you are using the both FolderEnhancer and Gridlock apps on your iPhone and facing any problem related to layout or icons, just open the cydia store and re-install these apps because they have been updated to fix such problems.

FolderEnhancer (v1.0.2): Includes fixes for Gridlock (unsaved layouts) and Iconoclasm (max 16 icons per page) issues. Lets recall briefly what these apps can do on our iPhone.

Gridlock (v1.1.2):

Rather than having your icons shift always in a certain direction, Gridlock puts you in control. You can drag your icons and put them anywhere you want. Find your apps easier, or just make your themes without the mess of “blank icons”.

FolderEnhancer (v1.0.2):

It is the best Tweak to extend the capabilities of the Folders. You can create folders within folders, to organize 320 applications in one folder, and much more.

These updates bring mutual compatibility so that we can use them at the same time without any issue like SpringBoard crash.

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