Free Mobile Icons to Develop Apps, Games, Themes for Nokia, Android and iPhone 4

This time we are going to share something for developers. If you develop themes, games and applications for different operating system like symbian, android, MeeGo, or iOS 4, you will need icons for your project. I have collected some black, white and color icons which are especially designed for phones.

Apple has also released iPhone SDK 4 for all developers which was previously available for paid developers only. So if you are an iPhone developer, you can also use these free icons to make the apps for iOS 4.

108 Mono Icons (minimal icons):

free icons for iOS 4

Free 64 iPhone Toolbar Icons:

iphone toolbar icons free download

iDroid icons esp for android phones:

icons for android

Android Icon Templates Pack:

free icon pack for android

30 Free Android Menu Icons:

8 PNG Monster Icons for Android:

Icons for Blackberry:

icons for blackberry

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