Get Google Voice On iPad Using GV Mobile+

It is now possible to use Google Voice on your iPad. “Original” Google Voice app named GV Mobile+ has now been updated and it now features support for the iPad. GV Mobile+ will now allow you to use Google Voice straight from your iPad.

Basically, GV Mobile + initiates a secure connection with Google and sends a command to do various tasks like calling, sending sms messages etc and allows you to make VoIP calls, now from your iPad as well. Those concerned about privacy can be in complete peace of mind as GV Mobile + only connects with Google and application servers.

In order to use GV Mobile+, you must first have a Google Voice account. Full changelog of version 2.3.0525 given below:

  • iPad Support
  • Fixed chronic crashing after update/extended use
  • Minor tweaks to SMS view

GV Mobile+ needs a data connection, 3G, WiFi, EDGE etc, in order to be used on your iOS device. If the data connection is weak, you can notice the app not performing properly.

GV Mobile+ version 2.3.0525 is live now and can be downloaded via the App Store for $2.99. The app is compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or higher.

Download GV Mobile+ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. [iTunes Link]

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