Google Account Manager Showing Error Instead of Type Email and Password? Here is How to Fix It

Fix Error to Get Type Email and Password

Did you try our previous method to bypass FRP on android Samsung Galaxy devices, but couldn’t see the “Type Email and Password” option? Or, are you getting an “Error” message there? Here is the solution to these problems.

Fix Error to Get Type Email and Password

As you all know Google designed a security method called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to make it sure that no one can replace the original owner’s credentials with his own after the phone is reset. It is a great feature to help reduce the theft cases.

But in many cases, the original owners also forget the password or change the account password just before or after the mobile reset. In these cases, the user can not log into his own phone.

The same thing happened to one of my friends.

In an early morning, he phoned me and told me he was getting a strange message after his Samsung Galaxy phone’s factory reset. He was entering original email and password but even then Google was throwing a message asking him to wait for next 24 hours as he had changed the password meanwhile. He told me he had waited for 48 hours but even then he was still getting the same error.

I took the phone and told him to wait for some time so that I could bypass the FRP as I had already done, according to the previous post. But it was not as easy as I thought. When I repeated the same procedure on this J5 phone, I was not getting any “Type Email and Password” option on Google Account Manager. Instead of that, there was an Error file.

After surfing the internet and applying different methods, I couldn’t succeed. While googling, I landed on this YouTube video. I followed it but Chrome was not allowing me to download any Google Account Manager apk file from the site as it was shown in the video. After trying different options, finally, I devised my own method to install the required APK file on the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Video Credit: GSM-ABC

If the method shown in the video is not working for you too, try this one which worked for me like a charm.

Step by Step Method to enable “Type Email and Password” option in Galaxy Android phone

Step 1: Invoke Google chrome on Samsung Galaxy device, install QuickShortCutMaker and ES File Explorer as we have discussed in our previous post of bypassing FRP on Android devices.

Step 2: After you have successfully got access to Chrome, launch it and enter “” address in the address bar and hit Enter.

Step 3: Scroll down a bit and tap on Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Step 4: In the Search option, type ES File Explorer. Hit enter and open the app. If it is not installed, install it. Otherwise, it will open as we have already installed it by following the previous method.

Install ES File Explorer

In fact, I used ES File Explorer to install the Google Account Manager APK as Chrome was not allowing me to install it. Every time I tried, it said the download is declined due to some security risks. But I wanted to get it by any means. So, I used the following trick.

Step 5: In ES File Explorer, tap on “Fast Access” button and then tap on the down arrow next to “Favorite” and then on “+ Add”.

Step 6: In the path field, write “” and in the name field, type any name. As it is Google’s main page, so we are giving it “Google” name. Tap on “Add” to finish.

Step 7: Again, go to Fast Access > Favorite and select “Google”.

Step 8: Search for “google account manager” in Google search engine.

Installing Google Account Manager APK

Step 9: Ignore the first one or two ads, and click “Google Account Manager APKs – …. result as shown in the screenshot below.

compatible google account manager apk

Step 10. Scroll down a little bit and there you’ll see all versions of Google Account manager released so far.

all versions

Step 11: At this stage, you’ll have to find the compatible Google Account Manager for your device. Download one by one each APK file and try to install it. Start from the bottom. For me, Google Account Manager 6.0.1 worked. But it may be different for your device. It may be 4.0.3, 4.4.4, 5.1, 7.0 or even Google Account Manager 7.1.

Step 12: Tap on the little downloading icon. On the next page, scroll down to find the direct download link.

Downloading Link

Step 13: When the download completes, open file and install it.

Step 14: Once the compatible Google Account Manager is installed, go back to ES File Explorer > Fast Access > Download.

Step 15: Here tap on QuickShortCutMaker and install it again to launch it. Becuase we can’t go to Home screen, so re-installing the app is the easiest method to re-open.


Step 16: Open QuickShortCuMaker and type “Google account manager” in the search field.

Step 17: When you see Google Account Manager in the results, tap on the small down arrow next to the Google Account Manager.

Step 18: Scroll down until you find Type Email and Password. Tap on it to open it further.

Step 19: Now tap on Try.

type email password

Step 20: Voila! You have successfully launched the “Retype password” window.

Step 21: Tap on three dots at the top of the screen and then on “Browser sign-in”.

Reset Password in Galaxy Android FRP

Step 22: Select the terms and conditions and enter your own email and password.

Step 23: Now restart your device normally and set it up.

Congratulation! You have successfully entered the new Gmail ID and password in the Samsung Galaxy phone.

PS: This method is conducted on Samsung Galaxy J5 (6) but it should also work on the following devices.

  • Tab 4, Pro, Active
  • Note 7 N930, N930A, N930V, N930P, N930R4, N930T, N930W8, N930, N930F, N930G
  • Note 5 N920V, N920P, N920R, N920T, N920A, N920I, N920G, N9208, N920C and N920CD
  • Note Edge N915FY, N915A, N915T, N915K, N915L, N915S, N915G, N915D
  • Note 4 N910F, N910K, N910C, N910FQ, N910H, N910U, N910G, N910S, N910L
  • S7 edge G935, G935F, G935FD, G935A, G935R, G935T, G935P, G935V
  • S7 G930 (USA), G930R (US Cellular), G930T (T-Mobile & Metro PCS), G930A (AT&T, Cricket), G930P (Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile), G930V (Verizon), G930F, G930FD
  • S6 edge+ G928V, G928P, G928R, G928F, G928G, G928T, G928I, G928A
  • S6 edge G925, G9250, G925F, G925A, G925K, G925I, G925Q, G925T, G925L, G925S
  • S6 G9200, G920T, G920I, G920S, G920FD, G920F, G920A, G9209, G9208/SS
  • S5 Neo G903F, G903W
  • S5 G900F, G900I, G900M, G900A, G900T, G900W8, G900K, G900L, G900S
  • E7 E7000, E700F, E7009, E700F/DS, E700H, E700H/DD, E700H/DS, E700M, E700M/DS
  • E5 Models
  • Samsung Galaxy J7, J5, J3, J2 and J1 Models
  • Alpha
  • A9, A8, A7, A3 and A5 Models.
  • Core Prime and Grand Prime Models.

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  1. Sped Simpsonsays:

    My Phone Is Stuck On “just a Sec”.. Samsung J3 Luna Pro.

  2. Amitsays:

    It seems that if your android has a up to date operating system installed on it…… the older versions of ‘Google account manager’ doesn’t seem to allow you to install it however it works on the newer versions but the issue is the newer versions when successfully installed has no option listed in there for ‘Email address & Password’ under Google Account manager’.

    I think this method generally works on older android operating systems compatible with the older versions to allow you to install for Google account manager….. the trickiest part to get around this would be to downgrade the android operating system and then go from there to install the older version of ‘Google account manager’ afterwards.

  3. Eleasha Allensays:

    I have Alcatel 7.1.1 and Google account manager file will not open any suggestions

  4. Marthinsays:

    You are Angel Without Wings!!!!

  5. Damonsays:

    I have followed all steps for my galaxy sm-j700T.. all Google account managers will download but will not install. I get “this package appears to be corrupt”. and so I cannot use “G.A.M” -type email and password feature because whatever is already on here does not show that option
    In its place it just says error. So now I’m stuck. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Try any previous version.

  6. Dansays:

    YES!! Thank you, you’re awesome!
    Been struggling with this for ages.

    Worked perfectly on Galaxy J5

  7. jiyongsays:

    im very very thank you

  8. Awesome post. I had this problem with my phone and this was the perfect solution. Keep up the good work. MAny thanks

  9. I try to install GAM google account manger but not installed for security I have sm-g920t on android 7.0

  10. TRIDEVsays:


  11. Niladrisays:

    Thank You very much for this solution.It worked for me too.

  12. PEPSAMsays:

    Please help me still showing error even if I download google account manager 6.0 version

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Try different google account managers. You have to install it after the download.

      1. Lesays:

        Can’t find the right APK for a J7 :( some of them install others doesnt but no one shows me the “username” entry into Google Admin thing

  13. PEPSAMsays:

    I have tried to download google account manager but still finding error on tecno w5 6.0

  14. MPsays:

    You’re the best. After some issues, it worked perfectly on my J5. To the others: follow the instructions! When you are installing the Google account Manager apk you really need to start with the oldest Version, I needed 4 tries, the v6.01 was working. for the whole process, you Need about 90Mb of Internet traffic.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Thanks MP for leaving the comment.

  15. JayJay Dicksonsays:

    This just worked for me on my J5 as well. Thanks a lot manπŸ™πŸ½

  16. Sabir Habibsays:

    it’s worked for me too for my J5(6).. Thank u dear… .

  17. Mohsays:

    Thanks for this post been super helpful.

    This worked on my Samsung S7 edge, Android v6.0.1 used the 6.0. google account manager apk.

    Worked like a charm

  18. Ancsays:

    I’m using samsung s7 edge but I try all solution but every time I get error under google account manager.
    Please help me 😒

  19. Harshavardhan Shirolesays:

    hey I have exactly tried your mentioned steps for my samsung j7 but there is an error message for each version of google account manager and it says “cannot install because of security reason” if you could tell me I will be highly obliged.

    Thanks so far your help has been really good if you help me more I will debug the issue and a big thank you!

  20. Omidsays:

    It works for my j500f/ds
    I realy thanks to you.

  21. Ahmedsays:

    Hi, Absolutely awesome tutorial. It works good. Thanks Bro.

  22. Diegosays:

    For people like you, people like me smileys.

    I’m confirming this worked on the SM-J500M

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Thanks for the comment, Mr. Diego.

  23. Grzegorzsays:

    SM-J710F its working in 100%

    Sorry for my weak English.

    I like this method very much.
    After using it, it looks so simple, so easy.
    In fact IS, but without this tutorial this is like Black Hole.
    I like youre thinking method & simle tools for even noobs.

    Good Job

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Thanks a lot Grzegorz for leaving the confirmatory comment. I am glad to hear that it worked for your Samsung SM-J710F. Have a nice day.

  24. DJ MPKsays:

    Thank you it worked for my j2 I recommend you to try this method. I salute you sir thank you. I am now stress free.

  25. Mouradsays:

    I have s7 with nougat Android. I try all solution but every time I get error under google account manager

  26. A. Ng'unisays:


    I have really tried on my J5 all the process outlined above. I have tried almost all the google account manager (APK) but I cant get ride of the error. Is there any other method I can use to clear that error.

    Please Help.

    1. A. Ng'unisays:

      After I tried all the Google Account Manager (APK), I clicked on Google Account Manager (Type Email and Password) and uninstall all the latest updates.

      From there, I installed back the google account manager version 6.0.1. I went back to QuickShortMaker and the error was gone.

      My phone is now working properly.


  27. A Ksays:

    Brilliant Bro. ….

  28. ivisays:

    i have a s7 with nougat 7.0 and don t founf anyboby google account manager!! any solution? thank you

  29. Bilailsays:

    None of the versions is working! Please help me!

    1. Bilailsays:

      Guys, please! I have a samsung galaxy j5 6 it is only 2 months old. Is there any other way to get it back?

  30. Inciperesays:

    Google Account Manager 6 worked for me, my phone is no longer locked

    Thanks for the guide

  31. Flizalacusclynesays:

    Hi, i did all the instructions above and still got ERROR on Google Account manager. I’m using Samsung Galaxy SM-J500G 2016.Just buy it from my friend but he also forgot the password. I couldn’t download google account manager ver. 6.0.1. All the google acc manager listed above was not compatible.

  32. punkuz shahsays:

    google account manager “App not installed”…please help stuck on this very step..tried several time to install but still same msg “App not installed”..

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Try any other version. Try again and again. You’ll succeed.

  33. giz644says:

    You sir are my best friend now!!! :)

    Thank you so much for the write up. I hate watching dumbass youtube videos to figure things out always a pain in the a$$… My Google Acc Mang got corrupted so had to go the long way around but in the end it WORKED just fine. Once again Thank you dude.

  34. Richardsays:

    I get “account manager has been stopped”. Also “type email and password” is not shown. J5 2016 Installed account mgr 7.0 as per updated instructions which are awesome!

  35. Aeon Blakesays:

    I tried the apk but none shows the email and password error. I have tried from 4.4.4 to 7.1.1 versions

    1. epulsays:

      same here

  36. Briansays:

    hello, i did everything as you suggested, realterm works perfectly, it calls to whatever number i tell it to but i dont get the dialing screen on my phone it just stays at “VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT” is there something i am doing wrong i have a galaxy j3

    1. A. Usmansays:

      I think you have gone too far. After resetting the phone and accepting the terms and conditions, don’t enter your username and password.

  37. ompongsays:

    i cant download google account manager. their is an error “your request has been declined for security reason”

    1. A. Usmansays:

      I think you used Google Chrome to download the APK file. In the recent android updates, Google has blocked the downloading of Google Account Manager. That’s why I used ES File Explorer for this purpose in this tutorial. Please follow the guide and you’ll get the results.

  38. thankGodsays:

    i`m using a samsung j7 but it`s still showing me an error code…..someone pls help

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Did you try any other Google Account Manager APK?? Please search the Google for more versions. I hope you’ll soon get the compatible one.

  39. rehansays:

    I am using j5 and follow all the steps but shows again error in google manager :(…cant replace my old account

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Try another Google account manager apk after a hard reset.

      1. rehansays:

        when I try to install quick shortcutmaker it shows me some parsing error…

  40. Brayan Leonardosays:

    Thank you! It worked.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Hi Brayan Leonardo, what was your mobile model??

  41. Anasays:

    You are really a genius. Thanks! It is fantastic explanation. My mother language is Spanish and I had to read all that in English, but the instructions are too clear.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Thanks Ana for the comment. What was your phone model by the way?

      1. Sherwinsays:

        Please help my phone
        Cherry mobile flare hd 3.0
        How to bypass??
        Version 7.0

  42. Hey, the application said it can’t be installed. I’m losing my mind over here trying to uninstall the current installed ‘’ app so that the error will be fixed as you know. If you uninstall the currently installed app, the error “app cannot be installed” will be gone and it’ll eventually work with no excuses, do you have any fix to this?

    1. A. Usmansays:

      You don’t need to uninstall the already installed app. All you have to do is to re-install a little older version. It will overwrite the existing application. Try different versions and you’ll get success.

  43. Fabiansays:

    You are the man. Finally. OMG!!!
    My stress level has now come down. Many thanks!!
    100% Worked

    1. A. Usmansays:

      That’s great if this trick worked for you too. Congratulations!

      1. Rocksays:

        Bro still in getting error for j7 prime not working plz help me

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