Google Nexus One: How to Hide Images, Pictues, Videos and Music Files with simple Trick

Today I am going to share a very simple and handy trick to hide the images, videos and pictures so that these files do not appear in the gallery of Google Nexus One. Similarly you can prevent your audio files and songs from showing up in the music player.

In this trick you need to create a file named .nomedia in the directory and the contents of that directory will become unavailable for default media applications. You will need to download a file manager like ASTRO from Android Market to rename the file.

Here is step by step procedure to create the .nomedia file in the directory. You will need to connect your mobile with PC only once even if you want to hide other folders later on.

1. First of all connect your Google Nexus One to a PC with the help of a USB cable.

2. Click the Notification bar in Google Nexus One and select USB Connected and then tap on Mount.

3. Now open the USB drive on your PC and open the desired directory the contents of which you want to hide.

4. Create a blank text file in the directory. You can make this text file somewhere else or in new folder if you want to hide other folders later on. And you won’t need to perform the above mentioned steps again.

5. Disconnect your phone from PC and open the ASTRO file manager in your mobile. Browse to the directory in which text file is created. If the text file is in that directory which you want to hide, long press that text file to open the File Options.

However, if the text file is not in the desired directory, move it by copying to the directory. To move the text file, long press the text file to bring up the File Options, click on Edit and copy it to the desired directory.

6. After long press on text file, tap on Edit and Rename the file to .nomedia.

7. Confirm the rename and the text file will become hidden but it stays there.

8. Now the contents of that folder will not appear in gallery or music player of Google Nexus One.

To revert this process, connect your phone with PC via USB mode and delete the .nomedia file from the directory. Make sure the hidden files are set to shown in the windows. I hope there will be a file manager that can show the hidden files in Google Nexus One. You can try different file managers from Android Market.

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