Read Google Reader [Blogs Feed] in Flipboard [HowTo Guide]

By default Flipboard doesn’t support the Google Reader. But if you use Google Reader daily to read the blogs’ feed, follow the steps below to import all the contents from Google Reader in Flipboard to get a magazine-like format of your favourite stories.

Briefly here is how this trick works. You point the feed of Google Reader to your Twitter or Facebook account and then Flipboard monitors the content published on Twitter and categorizes it into links, videos, comments and blog posts etc to give you a magazine page like display.

Step 1: Sign in Google Reader and click on down-arrow next to Subscriptions and then on Manage Subscriptions.

google reader in flipboard

Step 2: Under “Folders and Tags” select folder which you want to view on Flipboard and make it public.

Step 3: Click on View Public Page link.

Step 4: When the public page is open, copy the link of that page’s feed.

flipboard and blog feedStep 5: Sign in Google Feedburner (Make an account if you don’t have yet) and burn the feed of public google reader page.

Step 6: In Feedburner, under Publicize tab, click on Socialize and add a new twitter account for this purpose only. Feedburner will automatically push the new updates on your twitter account.

Step 7: Open Flipboard on your iDevice, click “add a section”, “add a custom section” and then type in your Twitter account. Now each time you lauch Flipboard, you will see a new channel containing all the contents from that specific Google Reader folder formatted in a magazine style.

Enjoy! If you areĀ  using this method to read your favourite content on Flipboard, please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. you can also add this blog’s twitter account to flipboard to consume the content in a new way.

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