Google Releases Web Designer to Build HTML5 and CSS3 Based Websites and Ads

Google is gaining popularity in terms of releasing free software. There are very few applications for which you have to pay in order to use it or upgrade it to next level, otherwise most tools are free to use and download. Recently they released QuickOffice application for android devices after buying it from its original owner. Now here is good news for those developers who love to design modern HTML5 and CSS3 based pages and different ads.

As the technology is advancing, modern browsers are included with new elements to provide user friendly, eye-catching and interactive experience. But this is only possible if the site, we are visiting, is built on the advanced technology.

Google Web Designer-1

HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest languages for websites which give a whole new level of control, interactivity and designing to developers. Due to these new coding systems we can now built one website compatible on number of devices. Whether it is your old, low powered desktop browser, a modern laptop with advanced graphic and processor or it is a tablet and smartphone, a website built with HTML5 and CSS3 will adapt itself according to the screen resolution and orientation mode. If you viewing the website in landscape mode, it will look different and if viewing in portrait mode, it looks different.

Google Web Designer-2

Google Web Designer’s main purpose is to give one-stop solution for advertisers to create interactive ads. It has different types of tools like 3D objects, drawing and text tools, and animated objects etc. Once done coding the advertisement, it outputs human readable three files, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript file.

The important features of Web Designer include:

  • Two animation modes
  • Full 3D authoring environment
  • Design View and Code View
  • Illustration Tools
  • Easy Workflow

Currently Web Designer is under beta testing but it is available for download on both Mac and Windows Operating systems. Before you go for download, here are the requirements for this application.

System requirements - Google Web Designer Help

You can download it from Google Web Designer Official page.


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