Fate of Greenpoison Jailbreak after pod2g leaves Chronic Dev Team

If you are not following the updates about iOS 4.1 jailbreak from last few days, read our first post about Greenpoison here and head over to this post for latest update on Greenpoison. As we told you in previous post, greenpoison is only a name like Redsnow, snowbreeze etc given to a jailbreak software/tool/program. The exploit that will be used, most probably, to develop Greepoison for iOS 4.1 is SHAtter made by pod2g.

In his recent tweets, pod2g has confirmed that he is leaving Chronic Dev Team because he wants to work independently.

It is to inform you that currently two teams, though the most members are same in each team, are working on the next generation jailbreak: Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team.

pod2g has handed over the exploit to these teams and now they are working on the final version of tool. Here is the screenshot of his latest tweets:


Whatever the reasons of his departure are, we should be very grateful for his work and wish him well. And we will also hope that Dev Teams will complete the remaining part to give a new gift to idevices lovers.

Stay tuned to this blog and we will share more news as we will have more on it.

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