Hackers Breach an Apple Server, Following Attacks on Sony, At&T and FBI

According to WSJ, groups of hackers which are working under the name of “AntiSec” released a document this Sunday that contains usernames and passwords of 26 administrative level workers of Cupertino based Apple Inc.

AntiSec, which is an abbreviation of Anti Security, consists of different hacking groups but among them two groups are very active namely Lulz Security and Anonymous. These two groups have been involved in attacking Sony, AT&T and other government agencies like FBI.

The recent series of attacks on these companies started after Sony filed a lawsuit against GeoHot for jailbreaking the PS3 device. PlayStation 3 jailbreak by GeoHot allows users to install custom packages on their devices, however it doesn’t allow you to play backup or pirated games.

The hackers state through a twitter account that they managed to steal the information from Apple’s server due to a security flaw in the software which was used by Apple. They also say that Apple doesn’t need to worry because they are busy in other “projects” somewhere else.

The spokesperson of Apple didn’t react to this news when one of the Wall Street Journal reporters contacted him to comment on it.

We will try to post more information as we get.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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