How to Hide Comments in Instagram Based on Custom keywords


After being acquired by Facebook, the Instagram app is changing rapidly. The new version of this app shows some interesting changes. You can now perform the zoom-in function on the photos and videos. You can also add color to the text.


In addition to these changes, the important one is Comments Moderation. The users can hide the offensive and inappropriate comments based on either the default keyword list or your own custom keywords.

Here is how you turn on this feature in Instagram.

How to Hide Comments on Your Instagram Photos and Videos:

Step 1: First of all, update your Instagram app. This feature is available in v9.3 and beyond.


Step 2: Open your Profile tab and then tap on Settings icon at the top.


Step 3: Scroll down a little bit and there you’ll see “Comments”. Tap on it.

Step 4: Now turn on “Hide Inappropriate Comments” option.

Custom Keywords

Step 5: Tap on “Done” on the top right-side.

Now you have successfully enabled this feature on your account. The Instagram servers will automatically hide the comments which contain some common inappropriate keywords.

If you want to filter the comments based on your own custom keywords, then add some words separated by the comma in the box.

If you want to show all the comments, simply turn this feature off by following the above-mentioned steps.

Isn’t it a cool feature? I think it is one big positive step to combat the spam comments.

Instagram is available free of cost from the App Store for iPhone. The android version will be updated soon with these new features, or it has already been updated.

Update 1X: Android version is also updated with comments moderation, but zoom feature seems still missing for android users.

PS: If you are using a Cydia tweak to download photos and videos from this app, the Settings may not reflect the new changes. First, remove the tweak, respring your iPhone, and relaunch the app to get the new features.

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  1. Juraasays:

    Thanks for sharing this tip. I did know about it.

    Is there any way to hide the comments of a specific user??

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