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Update: 3X

You all know Apple is going to unveil iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016. To watch it live, either you must have an Apple’s device like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Safari 6.0.5 or later, or a Windows PC running on Windows 10. But in Win 10, you are required to have Microsoft Edge¬†to stream the event.

If you want to use the VLC method, here are the links:

Quality 380p:


Quality 270p:


Update 2x:

As we all know that Apple is unveiling new iPhone 6 today along with some other products, most probably a wearable product which is commonly called iWatch. The Cupertino headquarter is offering live streaming on Safari of Apple products only. If you don’t have any Apple product or you want to watch the event on Windows or Linux, the below mentioned trick would work for you this time too. We have posted this method in details along with some other related information in our separate iPhone 6 Live Event post. Please check that post for more details.


Apple¬†allows the live streaming of WWDC 2014 on only official platforms. If you have either Mac with Safari 4.0 or later, iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch iOS 4.2 or later with Safari and also on Apple TV either 2nd gen or 3rd generation with software 5.0.2 or later. The below mentioned trick to watch the streaming on non-supported devices is little older and I think it won’t work this time.

It is unexpected but it’s true that only those users will be able to stream the live event of Apple today who are on Mac, iPhone, iPod and /or iPod. The reason of this limitation is that Apple is using new HTTP Live Streaming technology which has been introduced in Snow Leopard’s Quick Time X and iOS 3.0 and above.

This new protocol of streaming has been proposed as standard and so far only Apple introduced it. So all those users who are on windows / linux operating system will not be able to stream the event live. If you are unsure, open this sample address in your browser and test yourself. I have tried it on Windows 7 but I can’t watch any video.

For latest Apple’s Back to Mac event, visit this post. We will try to share a live streaming video of the event when it starts

MacRumors has posted a solution to this problem for Win and Linux users. They will have to install a free media player VLC and add the streaming URL in the Network option. For example to stream the above example video add the following URL:

how to stream apple event live using VLC

VLC will load all parts of the stream into its own playlist. It works fine for this pre-recorded stream as the entire playlist is already constructed. The catch for today’s live transmission is that VLC doesn’t know that more will becoming, so it looks like you’ll have to repeatedly reload the playlist manually to get the next few segments. It’s not an elegant solution, but with some persistence, it seems like it will work.

We will try to post here the exact streaming URL for windows and Linux users as soon as the event starts. You can also follow the live blogging for latest updates.

Watch the event here

Watch live streaming video from gizmodo at

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