Font Changer to Change Fonts on Nokia N900

Font Changer is a new control panel applications  that lets you to change the fonts on nokia N900. You can use any type of fonts with this app. Moreover, font changer creates backups of  your starting font settings and if you uninstall the app, the original fonts are restored. This little application also works with almost all themes.

how to change fonts on N900

However, there are also some known issues with Font Changer.

– fonts aren’t changed everywhere without rebooting the device
– sometimes homescreen widgets gets messed up when NOT choosing to autoreboot. Rebooting manually afterwards clears the issues (ie. no widgets are lost etc).

This tool works also with Plastic Theme Pack, but it’s recommended to use Plastic Theme Setup for font changing if you’re using Plastic Themes.

download font changer

You can also add your own fonts to the library. For this purpose you can use Firebox File Manager, while root access option enabled, and transfer the fonts to the fonts directory /home/user/fonts.

Download Font Changer for n900:

You can download Font Changer from the Package Manager Repository via the Extra Testing.


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