How to Change the Bing Search to Google Search in SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile

Last week SPB Mobile Shell was update to version 3.5.4 for windows mobiles. SPB Mobile Shell gives a new look (UI) to the mobile. In the latest version of Shell the default search engine has been changed to Bing from Google.

If you want to use the Google engine instead of Bing, here is a simple way to change it by tweaking the registry.

First of all open your favorite registry editor. You may use one of these popular free registry editors for windows mobile.

a) PHM Registery Editor: It is the most popular registry editor.

b) Dotfred’s TaskManager: A task manager that contains a register editor too

c) Total Commander: A popular file explorer with registry editor inside.

Now navigate to the path “HKLM\\SOFTWARE\Spb Software House 2\Spb Mobile Shell\BingInternetSearch\DefaultURL” and change the address to “”

Give a soft reset to your mobile.

Note: This trick will not change the word Bing in the search bar. It is highly recommended that you backup the registry so that you can revert in case something goes wrong.

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