How to Create Folders in iOS 4

creating folders in iOS 4

Soon Apple is going to release the new iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch and you can update your iDevice free of cost. The whole update process is very simple that has already been discussed.

We know you have installed tons of apps on your iPhone and trying to locate a particular app has been hard in the previous versions of iPhone OS. iOS 4 has got a new feature with which you can group upto 12 apps or games in a single folder.

how to create folder in iOs4

how to create folders in iPhone 4

Follow these simple steps to create a folder in iOS 4:

  • Keep pressed an app until it starts jigging and then drag that app on to another app that you also want to place in the same folder.
  • Based on the category of the app, a folder name will be created like Social or Entertainment and you can either keep this name or change it to something you want.
  • Though you can give long names to the folders but any name longer than 11 characters will replace the characters with “…..”.
  • Once the folder is created, you can drag and drop upto 12 apps/games in the same folder.

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