How to Detect And Remove DNSChanger Malware

DNSChanger is a malware which if installed on your computer gets access to registry and changes the values of DNS. What happens next is a scary story. Apparently you won’t see any changes on your computer, meaning no warnings from the antivirus and malware programs installed on your PC, no crash down of any software, no hanging of PC. It starts its work as soon as you try to visit any website. As long as you are not connected with the internet global village, you are safe. But when you tries to access any website, it redirects you to a malicious site or to a revenue generating site having a lot of ads compelling you to click on the ads.

DNSChanger malware was detected last year by internet security agencies namely Federal Bureau of  Investigation and the German Information Security Agency. These agencies re-routed the traffic from infected PCs to proper websites. Now they decided to shut down these computers from this Monday instead of re-routing due to heavy cost which they have been paying to keep their systems running against this malware.

DNS Changer Check-Up - Clean

Fortunately a very simple method is available to check and to remove DNSChanger Malware. All you’ll have to do is to visit the website. If it gives you a green signal, your PC is not affected by this malware and if you receive red flag, you are advised to visit DNSChanger Detection and Removal website by McAfee which will help you to remove this malware from your computer.

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