How to Disable Find My iPhone in iOS 7 Without Password Courtesy of Latest Bug

how to disable find my iphone in iOS 7

Apple introduced few more security measurers, besides the usual Passcode, to make the iPhone useless after it has be stolen or robbed in the latest iOS 7 version. Now the device asks you to enter password every time you want to disable the Find My iPhone and to deactivate the same Find My iPhone feature before restoring to new firmware. Moreover, new activation lock is also introduced which is attached with the Apple ID and password and which is required after every fresh restore. But a new bug is found in iOS 7.0.4 which allows the users to deactivate Find my iPhone without entering the password.

how to disable find my iphone in iOS 7

The only requirement of this bug to work is the access to settings app. So, if your device doesn’t have any passcode or TouchID enabled, it can be erased and wiped out of Google maps after disabling the Find my iPhone in the settings app by using few simple steps as shown in the video below.

Fortunately this bug is not found in iOS 7.1 when the same steps were replicated on the yet-to-be-released-firmware-for-public. iOS 7.1 is still in beta stage and recently Apple seeded the fifth beta of it to developers. So if you want to be on safe side, update your device to the latest firmware as soon as it is out. Till then, you are recommended to set a passcode or touchID.

find_my_iphone_erase_screen.jpg (320×567)

This bug only disables Find My iPhone feature but doesn’t deactivate the activation lock. The device will still ask for associated Apple ID and password to be activated on the carrier.

When tested, both iPhone and iPad models were found susceptible to this new threat. After the finding of this bug, Apple would definitely try to release the new version as soon as possible. Now doubt Apple pays a lot of attention to security matters but even then one or two serious bugs are found in every release, after all no software is foolproof.

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8 Replies

  1. Susan A. Cabralsays:

    please dont post, I had no idea this was a public site. Thank you

  2. Minasays:

    I forget my icloud password so icant update my apps.
    Can i ask help to turn off my find my iphone in my iphone 4s?

  3. Gayathsays:

    i have an iphone from my friend and it has a problem.after the reset its showing ” turn off find my iphone” and I cannot complete setup. please thell me how I resolve this problem???

    1. It is hard to tell you because you didn’t mention the iPhone model and the iOS version it is running on. The best solution is to ask your friend remove the iCloud from your device.

  4. randomguy123123123says:

    the apple id password is empty cant delete anything. how can i solve that?

  5. bineetsays:

    can i get a help hea plizz

    activate iphone

    this iphone is currently linked to an apple id

    sign in with the apple id that was used to set up this iphone

    but i forgot the email n password what can i do

    1. Tapaswinisays:

      Upgrade to 8.3 iOS then follow below steps:

      1. Go to Settings
      2. Go to iTunes & App Store
      3. Select Apple ID
      4. Select Sign out

  6. Tobiassays:

    My wife has forgotten her password and so trying to delete and start again, I have 7.1.2 and the above isn’t working. Any ideas?

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