How to Flash Nokia N900 Using Mac

We have already shared the complete process of flashing a N900 using windows operating system, but if you are using Mac and want to know how to update the firmware of Nokia N900 manually, here are complete instructions.

Tip: Read here what’s new in the latest firmware version 1.2 for maemo 5 devices like N900

To flash N900 on a Mac, you will need the following:

Open the 770Flasher and you will receive this notification:

Click on OK to proceed.

Select the firmware file which you have already saved on your Mac.

When you see the above message, click on OK to continue.

Now you will see the above message. At this point insert the USB cable in your Mac. Press “u” on Nokia N900’s keyboard and insert the other end of USB cable in N900 phone while keeping pressed the “u” key. Soon you will see USB icon on top right corner of N900. Now release the “u” key.

Soon the flashing process will start and it will take hardly a minute to complete.

When you see the above screen, it means the flashing has completed. Remove the USB cable and restart your phone.

Note: This guide is for educational purpose only and don’t try it on your phone if you don’t know what you are going to do. Perform flashing at your own risk.

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