How to Install Ubuntu Touch OS on Samsung Galaxy S3


As you all know that Ubuntu is one of the highly organised and free operating system for desktop PCs. Now it has made its way to smaller screens. It is still under testing to reach the first public build for smartphones and tablets. Few days ago its first Developer Preview version was released and we told you how you can install it on android based Nexus devices.

ubuntu on phone

Now the supported range of devices is being extended, though not through official channel this time. An independent developer has successfully managed to install Ubuntu Touch OS on Samsung Galaxy S3 device. “The builds used in this method are, of course, unofficial but they are built from the original source”, says Thunderstruck, the developer behind this custom build.


Before you try to flash your galaxy S III, we highly recommend you read the “How-to Method” posted for Nexus phones. The below mentioned method is still unofficial and may contain some bugs. If anything goes wrong during the process, your device may turn into a paper weight. So be careful, you are warned.

Important Notes:

  • In this method Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 i535 was used. So don’t try it on Galaxy S 3 i9300 until we find confirmation from some reliable source.
  • These custom builds work best if your device is unlocked. If the bootloader is still locked, you may face many issues during the flash process. To unlock the bootloader, here are the instructions.
  • You NEED to flash a recent recovery with any 4.2 builds otherwise you will experience problems with the directory tree of your sdcard.



  1. Download the latest build.

  2. Download Ubuntu Quantal from link above.

  3. Put both on SDCARD.

  4. Install and boot into CWM or into TWRP.

  5. If you haven’t flashed the quantal zip before, wipe data.

  6. Install the build zip and then the quantal zip.

  7. Reboot and enjoy!

For further details, head over to Rootzwiki forum. This guide is for advanced users only. Please don’t try it if you don’t want what you are going to do and what might be the consequences.

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