How to Jailbreak [Unlock] Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7

We know that ChevronWP7, the first unlock [jailbreak] tool for Windows Phone 7 is out. The fact is that unlocking WP7 is much easier than jailbreaking an iPhone.

What does this app actually do? In fact this apps saves your $99 (USD) and allows you to run those apps which you have created or other developers’ apps without having the Marketplace registration account.

Step 1: Downlaod and install Windows Phone 7 SDK.

Alternatively you can also try by installing the registry key only. But its better to install the WP 7 SDK if you don’t want to get any connection errors. After installing Registry Key or SDK, restart your PC.

Step 2: After reboot make it sure that you have the correct key there. Open the RUN box and type regedit to go to registry editor.


Step 3: Now connect the WP 7 with PC via USB cable.

Step 4: Run the Zune. Please ensure your device has a “full sync” relationship with the Zune client, not a “guest” relationship.

Step 5: Download and open ChevronWP7.exe file and run it.

Step 6: Follow the ChevronWP on-screen instructions to unlock the device.


  • Download WP 7 SDK
  • Download Registry Key Only
  • Download ChevronWP7 [mirror]

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