Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, AppleTV with Snowbreeze 2.1 [How To Guide]

iH8snow has just released the new version of Snowbreeze, 2.1, that works on all idevices and all models of iPhone and iPod. It can also cook custom firmware for AppleTV and iPad (iOS 3.2.2) to jailbreak these devices.

As you know Snowbreeze is for Windows users only and if you don’t have access to Windows PC, you can use PwnageTool for tha same purpose on Mac systems.

Here is the step by step guide to jailbreak idevices running on iOS 4.1 and beyond (iOS 3.2.2 for iPad) using the latest Sn0wbreeze 2.1 (all download links at the bottom of the post):

Step 1: Download Snowbreeze 2.1.

Step 2: Download and install latest iTunes 10.1.

Step 3: Download the required iOS firmware file for your idevice.

Step 4: When you open the Snowbreeze, you see a splash screen saying that this software is not for commercial use. Click OK to continue.

Step 5: On the next screen click on Browse button to select the required IPSW file downloaded in step 3.

Step 6: Snowbreeze will verify the integrity of the iOS file. After that Click on the arrow on the bottom-right to continue.

Step 7: Select the Simple Mode and Snowbreeze will start building the custom firmware. If you want to customize your firmware, select the Expert Mode and then select General Tab for more options.

Step 8: After Snowbreeze has completed its work, press the OK button to put the idevice into DFU mode.

Step 9: Follow the on-screen options to get the DFU mode. If you want to  jailbreak AppleTV, follow the instructions here to put it into DFU mode.

Step 10: Now open the iTunes and it will prompt you with a message that it found a device in recovery mode. Click OK to continue.

Step 11: Hold down the SHIFT key and click on restore button. Choose the custom firmware cooked with Snowbreeze. Make it sure that you select the right iOS firmware, the name starting with Snowbreeze.

Let the iTunes to finish it work. Enjoy jailbreaked iPhone/iPad/iPod and Apple TV.


iOS 4.1 Direct Download links:

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25 Replies

  1. Mikesays:

    used snowbreeze 2.1 with no problem however there was a problem with cydia first time opening cydia (after it got reorganized) and i got hit with this:”failed to fetchhttp://ispaziorepository.com/…. Host UnreachableFailed to fetchhttp://ispaziorepository.com/…. Cached FailureFailed to fetchhttp://ispaziorepository.com/…. Cached Failuresome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.”***also i went under manage>Sources and ispazio repository.com was not listed there….i than looked at installed packages and noticed iSpazio there as a package and under it in small letters right above the description it says: “from unknown/local (repositories)” i click on the package and unlike other packages it only gives the option remove not modify or reinstall-any one else have this problem, any fixes? is ispazio down? any help would be appreciated-thanks

    1. You are right, ispazio might be down or there is any problem with Cydia server. Don’t worry everything will be fine soon.

  2. Jason Fordsays:

    Finally Got IOS 4.1 on an Iphone 3GS (New Boot Rom). It took me atleast 20 attempts for the restore to start.

    Sn0wbreeze version used: 2.1, 2.0 and 2.0.2 did not work.
    Itunes version:Version 10
    Ireb Version: 4.0 – 4.1 RC2
    Tinyunbrella Version: 4.21.05

    Steps I followed:

    1. Restore to IOS 3.1.2 using Tinyumbrella Server Running.
    2. Jailbreak with Blackra1n.
    3. Use Ireb to prepare for Firmware Restore with Itunes closed.
    4. The only thing different I did was has Tinyumbrella(All version SHSH files saved) running and internet disconnected.
    5. It might take multiple attempts to get it right, but worth the try.
    6. If it goes to a bright white screen, then the resore will start with the Snow Symbol on top instead of the apple symbol.
    7. Once restore completes, phone restarts and you are done.
    8. Baseband is preserved. So start Cydia and install ultrasn0w for unlock if you need it.

    The best part about all the pain is that it is an untethered jailbreak. After a year of using my phone I can finally stop worrying about the Battery running out. :) CHEERS!!!

  3. Tsiraqsays:

    all these questions and no answers

  4. ovscindsays:

    mine said error 3194.. anyone had fixed that problem.. need help.. anyone?!

    1. Bobsays:

      I keep getting that error as well!!! My phone seems to be stuck… It just looks like it’s dead. What do I do? I did use the iREB to get the pwned DFU mode and tried changing USB ports (I’m on the Macbook pro running Windows 7, so I only have 2 USB ports to use).

      1. Simocartersays:

        hi guys, had u fix the error 3194 on itunes .?
        i have i phone 3 gs new iboot any suggetion to jailbreak it ?

    2. Bobsays:

      Were you able to fix it?? I have the same problem. My phone is in a state of limbo right now. Just a black screen and can’t seem to do anything with it. What did you do? Mine is a iPhone 3GS.

  5. Amiripoursays:

    Did not work for me with iphone 3G.

  6. Angelosays:

    went through everything step by step and worked fine even accepted the restore and got the pop that says the iphone is restored wait for it show up on itunes and when it does that second little load bar that only takes seconds it freezes at that point and when i went to force dfu mode to start over i noticed that the bar would fill up a little when i help power and home so i let go but it stopped and so i did it again till it filled up little by little but then i just got the stuck on the apple logo sucks so much i really want 4.1 but im done trying this im not going to mess up my iphone ill just wait for 4.2 when they release the unlock for that

  7. chayembasays:

    Why is there no carrier after I jailbreak with the snowbreeze? Its like I cant make calls or receive sms and under the setting, there is no carrier option. Has anything gone wrong?
    I am using sim card on the offical carrier and have not encounter problem like this
    Thank you

  8. Vladsays:

    my 3g freezes at startup too ! :( i’ve used redsnow too and that didn’t work either.. what can i do ?

  9. jalwasays:

    after installing my cfw 4.1 for iphone 3G via itunes , my phone froze up at startup or something. I inly see the Snowflake … nothing happens. pls help

    1. Rhysus2OO5says:

      I have the same issue. It’s stuck on the Snowflake icon.

      1. All those who are stuck on Snowflake icons should use Redsn0w then.

  10. Raulsays:

    iTunes says the “iPod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.”

  11. Bl4ckh4w2k4says:

    after installing my cfw 4.1 for iphone 3G via itunes , my phone froze up at startup or something. I inly see the Snowflake … nothing happens. pls help

    1. asdassays:

      me too

  12. Techkersays:

    i cant get my pc to reconize my asppleii

  13. Usman Khansays:

    This Tutorial Looks Great thanks for sharing Jailbreak Technique

  14. Larryf666says:

    Error 1601 every time

    1. Make it sure that you put the device in DFU mode properly. This error occurs if your device is not in DFU mode, mostly.

      1. whatapainsays:

        If you are trying to break an Apple TV G2, put the bloody thing on a powered USB hub. Fixed my problems immediately. Perhaps putting its power cable might work as an alternative. Anyway with a Lenovo X200 and a small Dell inspirion netbook the USB port current limits causing problems. Perhaps Apple Macs have crappy USB current limiting (resettable fuse take seconds to react) whereas my Lenovo laptops react in milliseconds. Interestingly I was able to reload official Apple firmware without a current boost. There firmware is probably smarter.

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