How to Play Demo Videos on iPhone Just Like in Apple Store

You have visited an Apple Store and seen an iPhone playing some demonstration videos. Well, by using this simple trick described below you can also turn your iPhone into a demo device just for fun, to impress your friends or to show your customers the features of any product in iPhone if you are a shopkeeper.

The trick involves copying a .mov video file into /var/mobile/ folder of your iPhone. The step by step method is as follows:

Step 1: Make your video and convert into .mov format using any free Video Converter that supports .mov files. The file name should be “” (without quotes).

Step 2: Jailbreak your iPhone if it is not already jailbroken. If your device is running on iOS 4.3.3 or you have iPad 2, you will have to use JailbreakMe 3.0 to jailbreak your device. The devices running on any previous iOS version can be jailbroken with Redsnow.

Step 3: Now either use SSH method or iFile method to transfer the file into /var/mobile/ folder on your iPhone. The former method has already been posted here in details. iFile method seems simpler than SSH method but it requires your PC and iPhone connected with each other on the same WiFi connection.

To use the iFile method, download iFile from Cydia Store after jailbreaking your device.

Go to iFile preferences and turn on the Web Server. Type a username of your choice and password and press the Done option on top right corner.

Now tap on WiFi signal present in iFile bottom area.

Type the address shown on the screen of your iPhone into your PC browser.

iPhone Demo

When you are prompted for username and password, type the same which you entered during iFile’s web server set up.

Now you can transfer the file from your PC into your iPhone.

Step 4: Respring your iPhone. Now make sure you have activated autolock feature on your iPhone. After the set time ends the phone will loop the video rather than locking.

Keep your iPhone into a dock and impress your friends with continuous demo video.

[yframe url=’’]


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