How to Root Android 4.3 on Nexus 7

As we all know Android 4.3 is now available for Nexus devices, including Nexus 7, bringing some new features and bug fixes. The factory images are already available to install them manually if there is no OTA update available for your device or region. The only device which was left out in the Nexus series was Nexus S, for which we have already posted a guide on how to get Android 4.3 features by installing an unofficial ROM.

If you installed this latest version on Nexus 7 and now want to root it to get the full access for your device, here is a simple guide.

root android 4.3 on nexus 7

Step 1: First of all download CF Auto Root Package for Nexus 7 Wifi version. And if you have got Nexus 7 3G model, get the package for this device. Unzip it on a convenient place like desktop.

Step 2: Install Nexus 7 USB drivers if they are not installed.

Step 3: Make it sure the tablet is charged up to 75%.

Step 4: Setup Android ADB and Fastboot. XDA-Developer has created a minimal version of ADB and Fastboot which is only 2MB in size. Get it and install it on your Windows machine.

Step 5: Shut down the Nexus 7 and reboot it into Fastboot mode. For this purpose, while keeping pressed the Volume UP and Volume down buttons, press the Power button. Before this step, it is very important that you have already enabled the USB Debugging on your device.


Step 6: Now connect your device with the PC and wait for few seconds so that Windows configure all the necessary drivers.

Step 7: Open CF Auto Root folder and click on “root-windows.bat” file to run it.

Step 8: Follow the simple instruction displayed on the screen of your PC. At one stage your device will reboot in normal mode, out of fastboot.

Step 9: Check the Applications and you’ll find SuperSU app there.

Now you have successfully rooted android 4.3 on Nexus 7.

Please remember that you can root your device by using this method only if Nexus 7 is carrier unlocked.

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