How to Run non-iPad Apps in Full Screen on iPad

Though developers have already made hundreds of apps which run specifically on iPad, but you can also run non-ipad apps (iPhone and iPod Touch) on iPad by doubling the pixels. But there is one drawback. Even you double the size of the apps, you can not make them fill the whole screen of the iPad.

Here is very simple trick to run the iPhone/iPod touch apps in full screen on iPad:

  • First of all you will have to jailbreak your iPad to perform this trick.
  • To navigate the iPad system folders a browser is needed. Windows users can use WINSCP and Mac users can use Cyberduck for this purpose.
  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia and restart your iPad.
  • To login to your iPad, use the following settings: IP address of your iPad and user name: root and password: alpine and protocol: SCP
  • Now navigate to that app which you want to compatible with iPad in this directory /var/mobile/Applications
  • Open info.plist file and add the following:


Respring and enjoy the apps in full screen on iPad.

Beejive app before the trick:

Run non-compatible apps on ipad

After the trick:

run non-ipad apps on ipad

[via ithinkdiff]

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