How to Secure Facebook Account From Facebook Video Calling Scammers

Two days ago Facebook unleashed its much awaited Video Calling feature for Facebook users. But as predicted by many analysts this new feature brings a new series of scams along with it where scammers try to get the rights to modify users’ data by sending them a fake Video Call application.

In fact Facebook Video Calling is not an application but instead of that it is incorporated in your Chat box where a small Video Icon appears after you activate video calling function. But in this particular scam hackers and scammers send you a link of Video Call application by posting a status update on your wall, sending a message or by any other means and ask you to allow this app to modify your personal information, post to your wall, access posts in news feed, and access other data any time.


Here are few tips and measures which you can take to keep your account secured from such scams.

Step 1:

If you see any message, even from your friend, asking you to click on a link to enable video calling, don’t click it. Always use the official method to enable Video Calling on your account if it is still not available for you.

Step 2:

If you received such type of message from your friend, send him/her a message that he/she has been tricked. Guide him to remove Video Call or any such app from the app privacy settings.

Step 3:

If the message is not coming from your friend’s account, report it to Facebook Spam team by clicking on the cross arrow on the right-upper corner of the post.

Step 4:

Make it sure that you are still on Facebook before making any changes in Facebook privacy settings.

In short, Facebook Video Call is not an official application and you don’t need it to enable facebook video calling.

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