How to Setup Hotmail on Nokia Mobiles using New Nokia Messaging

Today we find two updates: on one side Hotmail has introduced many new features (one is free push email) and on other side Nokia has updated its Nokia Messaging app to receive the mails from hotmail on your nokia phone.

I have just downloaded the latest Nokia Messaging app and setup it for hotmail. Latest Nokia messaging can be downloaded from Ovi Store (search Nokia Messaging on Ovi Store to dwonload) or you can download it from the official page.

Configuring the Nokia Messaging for Hotmail is very easy.

All you need to provide is your email address and password. I don’t think there is any need to write tutorial or a detailed howto article. Simple follow the instruction on the app and you get emails on your nokia phone within 1 minutes.

Here are screenshots to show how I have done it.

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