How to Unlock iOS 4.3.2 Using Ultrasnow 1.2.2 [Current Unlockers Only]

In addition to PwnageTool 4.3.2, today iPhone Dev Team also released Ultrasnow 1.2.2. Ultrasnow 1.2.2 can unlock up to iOS 4.3.2 provided you are already on unlockable baseband. If you are still running any older iOS version, you can now safely update your device to iOS 4.3.2 while preserving the baseband and unlock it using Ultrasn0w 1.2.2.

It is very important that you restore to custom iOS 4.3.2 while preserving the baseband so that you don’t loose the unlock ability. For this purpose you can use either Sn0wbreeze 2.6 (Windows only) or PwnageTool 4.3.2 (Mac Only) which not only preserves the baseband but also provides untethered jailbreak during building a custom iOS 4.3.2 iPSW file.

After restoring to custom iOS 4.3.2, use the following step by step guide to unlock your device.

Please note:

  • Ultrasn0w works for basebands (01.59.00 / 04.26.08 / 05.11.07 / 05.12.01 / 05.13.04 / 06.15.00)
  • Ultrasn0w is NOT compatible with the folllowing basebands! (02.10.04 / 03.10.01 / 04.10.01 / 05.14.02 / 05.15.04)

Step 1: Backup your device using latest version of iTunes before starting the actual process.

Step 2: Restore to custom iOS 4.3.2 cooked by either PwnageTool 4.3.2 or Sn0wbreeze 2.6 via iTunes.

Step 3: Once your device is jailbroken, connect it with internet using a WiFi connection.

Step 4: Launch Cydia from your device Springboard.

Step 5: Tap on Changes and then on “Refresh “.

Step 6: After the changes are refreshed, use the Search option and type Ultrasn0w to search and install it.



Step 7: Restart iPhone after installing Ultrasn0w and you will see the carrier name and signal bars in the top left corner.

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