How to Update Droid Firmware to Android 2.1 Manually

Another android based phone, Motorola Droid, is going to have firmware update. The new firmware Android 2.1 has already been released in some countries and if you are one of them, you will see the update notification on your phone.

However if you are not lucky to receive such notification, you can manually download and install the firmware. Note it that this update will be same which is sent to other Droid users via OTA method and you don’t even need to be rooted to install it.

How to Update Droid Manually:

  1. Download this OTA firmware from official google site.
  2. Rename the downloaded zipped file to
  3. Copy the file to the root of your SD card. It should not be in any folder.
  4. While holding the “x” on the keyboard, power on your device.
  5. If you do it right, you will see a triangle with an exclamation point inside.
  6. Now press the volume up button and camera button at the same time and repeat it until it goes to the bootloader.
  7. While using the D-pad, go to the file.
  8. The update process will start; and don’t interrupt it until it ends.
  9. Enjoy the performance and features of new Android 2.1 OS in Droid.

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