Jailbreak Tool for PlayStation 3 (PS3) on Firmware 3.55 Released. [Complete Guide]

The day before yesterday we shared a video showing a jailbroken PlayStation 3 (PS 3) running on Firmware 3.55 and today Geohot releases the actual jailbreak software for PS 3.

It is to be noted that Goehot’s jailbreak for PlayStation 3 on version 3.55 won’t allow you to play backup games or pirated games. With this jailbreak method you can install custom packages on your PS 3.

Here is the short version of jailbreak method by Geohot:

it’s jailbreak time
open the zip, you know how to install
3.55 only
would be pirates, don’t waste your time
do not mirror file, link to geohot.com
here is the package from the video
no donations accepted right now, don’t get scammed

old homebrew will not work
new homebrew signing tools coming soon..

The complete step by step jailbreak instructions are:

To Jailbreak PS3 on 3.55 only

1. Plug a USB stick into your computer
2. Create a folder in the root of the USB stick called PS3
3. Create a folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE
4. Download http://geohot.com/jailbreak.zip
5. Unzip Jailbreak.zip to PS3UPDAT.PUP
6. Move PS3UPDAT.PUP to the directory UPDATE that you just created on the USB stick
7. Plug the USB stick into your PS3
8. Navigate to Settings Tab
9. Choose System Update
10. Choose Update via Storage Media
11. It will say it found Version 3.55-jb
12. Choose OK
13. Accept Conditions and Install Update
14. After less than a minute, your PS3 will update, beep 4 times then shut down.
15. Power up your PS3 (You will have to do it on the console and not by the controller)
16. Your PS3 is now jailbroken!

After your PS3 is jailbroken, follow the steps mentioned below to install the custom packages:

1. Plug your USB stick into your computer
2. Drop http://geohot.com/test.pkg into the root of the USB stick
3. Plug your USB stick into your PS3
4. Navigate to the Game Tab
5. Choose Install Package Files
6. Select the test.pkg
7. After it installs you will find the test package from geohot installed below the Install Package Files folder
8. Wait for more packages to be created by the PS3 community

Video: Jailbroken PlayStation 3 Video Showing Homebrew Running on Firmware 3.55


  • Download Jailbreak Software for PS 3
  • Download Test Custom Package
  • In case the above direct links don’t work, here is the link to official release page.

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5 Replies

  1. Houseofdegadosays:

    it worked for me on 3.55, need packages…

  2. Ahmedsays:

    test.pkg’s link isn’t working..if anyone has it please upload it

  3. Mfc_weemansays:

    the ‘test’ link isnt valid and i cant download it :(

  4. Homerlvsbeersays:

    DAMN. i have 3.55 update. now i cant backup my games. not yet anyways. i beleive this should be a god given right to be able to back up your games incase your games get scratched. just give us serial keys like the PC.

  5. Gaaratuningsays:

    but the 2 link isnt valid. . .

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