Soon You will try the HTML5 based Demos of Apps and Games: Here is the First

At WWDC 2010 event, Steve Jobs makes it clear that iPhone 4 will support two types of apps and games: those apps/games which are developed on Apple’s iOS 4 and those which are based on HTML5.

It is being expected that HTML5 will revolutionize the apps and games world. The HTML5  based demos will be embedded in the existing iPhone apps and you could try them before purchase.

Appular, a New York based iPhone App/Game developer company, has launched the first HTML5 demo. Brian Akaka, founder of Appula, says,

We have already begun working with Admob to incorporate this web app within their ads, and are eager to do the same with Medialets and Apple’s upcoming iAd network as well. Creating rich media ads like this will allow unparalleled opportunities for consumers to try out games without having to install a new app” says Brian Akaka, founder of Appular.

Hopefully the HTML5 standard will help the users to try the apps and games outside the traditional itunes.

To try the first HTML5 based Hand of Greed Demo, open the safari browser of your iPhone, iPod or iPad and navigate to this address or http://braniumstudios.con/webapp. You can also buy this game from iTune (price is 0.99 dollars).

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