Yahoo Introduces HTML5 Based Yahoo! Mail Web App for iPhone/iPod


We already know that iOS 4 based iPhone and iPod support only two types of apps and games (iPhone OS 4 and HTML 5). Using the cutting edge capabilities of HTML 5, Yahoo has introduces HTML-5 powered Yahoo! Mail app for iPhone and iPod touch.

This new Web Mail offers the desktop features with lightening speed and rich media. The optimized Web mail is available in more than 200 countries with 28 languages support.

 Yahoo Introduces HTML5 Based Yahoo! Mail Web App for iPhone/iPod

The new features in this HTML5 based Mail are:

  • Faster and more reliable: off-line mail access and local search enabled by local caching capabilities give consumers access to their mail anywhere, even out of network coverage
  • Smart: find the message you need, whenever you need it. With our Full Search feature, personal folder creation & management and Smart Folders with messages from key contacts
  • Rich: view rich photo and video attachments in full, or as preview directly in the inbox, as well as HTML messages
  • Seamless & unified experience with Yahoo! desktop Mail

To visit this new introduction, type the address in your iPhone browser and click on “Preview the New Yahooo! Mail”. You can also use this address to access it.

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