Apple’s iCloud Service Under Beta Testing?

Rumor goes that Apple has indeed purchased the domain from a Swedish cloud computing company by the name of Xcerion. While the exact value of the deal is unknown it is being estimated at 4.5 million dollars. It is not clear that what Apple plans to do with it, but critics believe that it most probably will be used by Apple to introduce their much anticipated Cloud music service along with iOS 5.

AppleInsider suggests that internal testing on the iCloud service along with iOS 5 is underway albeit under wraps as always.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is prepping beta versions of both iOS 5.0 and Mac OS X Lion ahead of its annual developers conference that integrate with a service dubbed “iCloud,” enabling users to sync and store much of the same information they currently can with the company’s existing MobileMe service, such as bookmarks, email, contacts and iCal events.

Apple has been working on a major up haul of their MobileMe service. For those who are not aware of MobileMe, it is a service which basically provided users with facilities such as email, online photo, video and web hosting along with the option of file storage similar to DropBox and Google Docs. While Apple charges on a per annum basis for this service, the upcoming service is said to be completely free.

Along with tinkering with MobileMe, Apple is supposedly busy working on their cloud based music streaming service and said to already have a few of the major record labels on-board with their plans, which means that both the services would be infused into one big behemoth and best of all, it would be all on the cloud!

Looks like Apple is cooking up a juggernaut of a cloud service and if all of this turns out to e true, rest assured it would be a power packed cloud experience from Apple.

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