How to Import All FIFA World Cup Matches Dates to Your iPhone/iPad Calendar

In this busy and techy life everyone wants to save the money, time and effort using the new techniques and technology. Thanks to these new innovations, you won’t need to carry a piece of paper having all the FIFA World Cup dates printed on it, or visit any site, or watch any sports channel to check what’s the date and time of next match of your favourite time. Now you can add / import the whole FIFA schedule to your iPhone calendar using this simple trick.


This method is not limited to iPhone. You can follow the same steps to get the matches’ schedule on your iPad and even on your Mac. Here is the step by step procedure.

How to Add FIFA World Cup Calendar to iPhone / iPad

  • First of all visit this site “” on your desired device. This site contains 3,500 calendars across 40 categories. All the calendars are compatible with all those devices which support iCalendar files.

world cup 2014 schedule

  • After visiting the site, search for “FIFA World Cup 2014” or alternatively you can visit this direct link “” to go to the exact calendar.
  • Click on “Subscribe to Calendar” blue button.
  • You’ll get a pop up saying ‘Subscribe to the Calendar “World Cup 2014”?’ if you are using iPhone or iPad. Tap on subscribe button.

subscribe to World Cup 2014

  • After that you’ll get a confirmation message that the calendar has been successfully added to your device. Now launch calendar app and go to “View Events” to see the schedule.

If you have enabled synchronization, the same calendar will appear on all your connected devices.

One Mac there is a little difference when you click on Subscribe button. It will ask the permission to open the Calendar app first.

External protocol request

Then you’ll be asked again to subscribe to the calendar.


Click on the subscribe option and all the entries will be imported to your Mac calendar.

Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil!

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