Install Apple’s Magic Mouse Drivers on Windows 8 with Natural Scrolling and Battery Percentage

Recently I purchased Windows 8 Pro to experience the new features Microsoft is boasting about. After installing it on my laptop, the first prominent change I saw was the new start menu. Then I installed all the programs and software I use whenever I switch on my windows machine and voila! Everything went smooth.

The first impression was very good for me and then I didn’t look back. I restored the back up of Windows 7 to Windows 8 and deleted all older files. Few programs were not installing on it. But after enabling the .Net framework 3.5, there was no more errors. I highly recommend all the users and my friends to switch on the .netframework 3.5 at first place.

Personally I don’t like any touchpad on any machine except on Mac system. For me they reduce the productivity due to the lag and discomfort they produce during their use. To overcome such problems I mostly use a separate mouse and Apple’s magic mouse is one of my favorites.


When you connect wired or wireless (through bluetooth) Apple’s Magic Mouse, Windows 8 automatically detects it and install the necessary drivers. The left and right buttons work perfectly but it doesn’t support the natural scrolling. Moreover, there is no option to check the battery status of the mouse.

To get the natural scrolling we have to install the correct drivers which we can find in the Bootcamp. And to get the battery percentage option, there is no official support available through any Apple channel. For this purpose, we will have to install a third-party tiny utility.

How to Get Natural Scrolling for Magic Mouse on Windows 8?

  • First of all download 7-zip which we will use to extract the Boot Camp files.
  • Download Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Window 8 64 bit. If you are using 32-bit version of Windows, use this link.
  • Extract BootCamp_3.1_64bit into a folder. In that folder you’ll see BootCampUpdate64 exe file. Extract it further using 7-zip.
  • Now navigate to BootCampUpdate64 -> BootCamp31ToBootCamp302 -> Binary.MultiTouchMouse_Bin. Copy this file on desktop. Right click on it to rename it. Now add .exe extension at the end of this file. Click on it to install the drivers for Magic Mouse.

Multitouch Mouse drivers

  • After the drivers are installed, you can use scrolling on your mouse.

How to Get Magic Mouse Battery Percentage?

In order to get the battery percentage option, I use Magic Mouse Utilities software developed by It is one of the best application for this purpose.


After install it on your Windows machine, you will see a new icon in taskbar. Hover the mouse pointer on small batter or click on it to know how much battery is still left.

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