How to Install iOS 7 Before September 18

Apple has already announced that the final and public version of iOS 7 will be released on September 18. However, just after the iPhone event ended, they seeded the GM build to the developers for all existing devices. Like the beta versions, the GM build can only be installed on the registered device. But a little neat and clean trick will allow us to install it before the actual public release.

iOS 7 Seed

The build number of iOS 7 GM is 11A464 and keeping in view the previous record, it will not be changed in the final version. So if you install the GM version right now, you won’t get any notification of update when the public build is released. The risk involved in installing it is also minimal when compared to previous beta versions because it will not expire and it is almost free of any known bugs. However, it is always better to restore to fresh iOS when releases just to be on safe side. There might be chances of few internal changes in the coding of final release helping you better protect your device from malicious attacks.

If you want to get iOS 7 before September 18, here are few points you should carefully read before further proceedings.

  • iOS 7 will not synchronise with the existing version of iTunes because it requires iTunes 11.1 which is still to be released. The beta version for Mac Users is available, though unofficially.
  • Always back up your device before updating to iOS 7. It is also better to turn on iCloud backup before/after the update.
  • As we mentioned above, you won’t get any update notification once the final release is out.
  • Though the risk is minimal, even then we are not responsible for any type of damage. Proceed at your own risk.

Download the iOS 7 GM iPSW Files:


Lifehacker has managed to grab and upload the dmg files of iOS 7 to some third-party file storing sites. You’ll have to visit their site to get the download links.

Extract dmg files:

After you have downloaded the files, extract them on desktop or in any other convenient folder. Windows users will need 7-zip software to extract them. (Windows users will need a tool like 7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well.)

How to Install iOS 7:

Now connect your device with the PC, launch iTunes and back up it first. While keeping pressed the Alt/Option button of Mac, or Shift button on Windows, click on Update option on iTunes instead of Restore. Navigate to the extracted iPSW file and let iTunes finish the update.

In case the update button doesn’t work for you, you can also try Restore option.

Enjoy iOS 7 on your iPhone!

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