How to Install iPadOS 13 on Compatible iPads

is my iPad compatible with iPadOS 13

Are you looking for a way to installing the recently announced iPadOS 13 on your compatible iPad even if you are not a developer?

Apple releases iPadOS 13 a few hours ago and its first beta is already available for the developers to test the new functions and to make their apps ready for this next major release.

IPadOS13 is the bifurcate version of iOS 13. It includes all the functions of iOS 13 besides many new features specially designed for iPad users.

is my iPad compatible with iPadOS 13

The Homescreen is redesigned. The widgets are now available on the Home screen. Even the support for a mouse is also spotted in the beta version. Working on multiple apps on the same screen is just like a breeze. New gestures for editing text are included. PC like browsing is promised.

First of all, we won’t recommend you to install the developer beta of iPadOS 13 on your device, if you are not a developer, due to the following reasons:

  1. It is still buggy. You may face issue even with the stock apps.
  2. Since you are installing it without using your developer account, you may miss future security updates.
  3. Your favorite apps may not be compatible with this beta version yet.
  4. You may face a poor battery life on it.
  5. Some essential and basic functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Internet, etc may not work properly.
  6. You may also face some issues related to sound quality and display quality.

Considering all these possible drawbacks, if you are still determent to install the iPadOS 13 on iPad, here is the complete procedure along with the compatibility list.

iPadOS 13 Compatibility List:


iPadOS 13 is compatible with the following model of iPads.

  1. iPad Mini 4
  2. iPad Mini 5
  3. iPad Air 2
  4. iPad Air 3
  5. iPad 5th Generation
  6. iPad 6th Generation
  7. iPad Pro 2017
  8. iPad Pro 2018

If you have got one of the above-mentioned devices, you can use install this latest release on your device.

How to Install iPadOS 13 on Compatible iPad

There are two ways to install iPadOS 13 on your iPad. The one method requires a developer account, while the other method is not the official way of installing OS but it doesn’t require developer account.

how to install iPad OS 13 on my iPad

To be noted, the developer account is a special subscription which you can purchase from the Apple developer website for $99 a year. This subscription will enable you to test all the latest releases even before it goes for public testing.

1. Installing iPadOS 13 Using Developer Account:

Step 1: first of all, get a subscription for the Apple Developer Program by visiting this link. If you have already enrolled yourself into this program, skip this step and proceed further.

Step 2. Login to your account section by using your credentials at this address.

Step 3: In the account section, click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Step 4: From the left sidebar, click on Devices.

Step 5; From the right sidebar, click on “+” sign to add your device.

Step 6: Now enter the UDID (unique device identifies) number of your iPad. The UDID of the device can be obtained after connecting the iPad with the iTunes and then clicking on the serial number.

How to Get UDID of iPad

Step 7: Once you have registered your device, now go to and select the device from the drop-down menu.

Step 8. The iPadOS 13 firmware file will start downloading. Once the download completes, extract the zipped file to get .ipsw file.

Step 9. Use the latest version of iTunes to restore your iPad to iPadOS 13.

2. Installing iPadOS 13 without developer account

If you have been installing the developer beta versions on your devices, you will be well familiar that you are required to installed only a configuration file on your device to get the developer beta. But, unfortunately, this trick no longer works now.

Apple has blocked this method of installing the beta version. It means that from now onward if you want to install the beta release, you’ll have to first download the iPSW file on your computer and then connect your device with the PC and start installing it with the help of iTunes.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the iPSW file installed on your device without a developer account or without a config profile file.

All you are required to have access to the downloaded iPadOS 13 iPSW file.

Step 1. First of all, get an iPSW file downloaded on your PC. Here is the link where a user has uploaded all the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 files. You may see “download quota exceeded” message because a lot of users downloaded this file. But you can try later or get the file from any other website. A lot of users are uploading it on the public domain for testing.

Step 2: Update iTunes to the latest version, open it and then connect your device with iTunes.

Step 3: Select the device from the top left bar.

Step 4: In the summary panel, hold the “Option/Alt” key and then click on “Check for Update” button.

Step 5: Navigate to the downloaded file, select it and the installation process will begin shortly.

Sit back and let iTunes finish the process.

PS: Please make a back up of your device either using iCloud or iTunes to save all the date on iPad before starting the installation process.

If you faced any problem while using any of these methods, please share with the readers using the comments section below.

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