Download iOS 10 Wallpaper and macOS Sierra Wallpaper to Set as Background Picture

Sierra wallpaper 5K Download

One of our friends extracted the high quality, in original and full resolution, wallpapers from the recently released iOS 10 and macOS Sierra beta versions, packed in a zipped file and uploaded on a file hosting file. You can get these wallpapers after downloading the file and then unzipping it. The download link is at the bottom of this post.

Sierra wallpaper 5K Download

Previous Wallpapers and Ringtones: If you want to download all the wallpapers and ringtones introduced in iOS 7, grab them from here. The wallpapers introduced in iOS 8 and Yosemite OS X are here.

The file contains only the default wallpapers of both operating systems. No one can predict whether Apple will introduce more wallpapers in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra in the final release, but the first beta version contains only one new background image.

iOS 10 comes with a bunch of new features like redesigned Messages app, improved Siri experience, interactive notifications, overhauled Maps and Music apps. The lockscreen is also redesigned and realigned to provide the maximum information on the available space before diving into the actual OS. Along with these, some other features are also introduced like “Raise to Unlock”, “Apple Pay option from the browser on supported websites” etc.

iOS 10 Default Wallpaper for iPad
iOS 10 Default Wallpaper for iPad


Extracted from iPhone iOS 10
Extracted from iPhone iOS 10

On the side of Mac operating system, the big change we see is the name. OS X is replaced with macOS to bring the nomenclature of the products in line with the rest of the products.

If you are not a developers, or don’t want to install, the still buggy, beta versions of iOS 10 and Sierra, you can download the original wallpapers of iOS 10 and macOS to set them as background image on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac machine, to impress your friends and family members.

Android and PC users can also download them and set as desktop wallpaper on their android phones, tablets, and Windows PC.

Download iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Wallpapers

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