Cloned iOS 4 found Running on android based HTC mobile

Well, my friends, rumors are spreading around the web that an iOS 4 has been ported to an android mobile (and one source says it is HTC Magic). The video (watch after the break), which is uploaded on youtube as a proof, shows the performance of iOS 4 on android phone. After watching the whole video I want to share my observations with you people and I hope you will also leave comments below about it.

ios 4 on android phone

  1. The first thing which I noticed was sluggishness, or you can say poor performance. It seems the mobile is not handling the iOS properly. In other words you can say it is iPhone 3G running on iOS 4 with many missing features like multitasking etc.
  2. I also doubt that the iOS is original one. It is cloned iOS. Chinese are master in cloning the products, you know.
  3. The mobile used in this video might not be an android mobile phone, yes, another cloned mobile, it seems.

Please share with us what do you think about this video.

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