iOS 5 Beta 4 Released Now Available For Download

As expected Apple has released the iOS 5 Beta 4 today as the next version of its predecessor the iOS 5 beta 3 released a few days back of which we provided a detailed jailbreak guide for all you Apple fans. Along with this release Apple has also seeded the fourth beta of iTunes 10.5 version. Although keep in mind that these are limited to users having a registered developers account.

Now these iOS beta versions have been coming out over the course of almost the last two months but have been limited to those having a developers account. However this is probably going to be the last beta version before Apple releases the final fully functional release of the iOS 5.

For those who missed out and are yet unaware of the developments regarding the iOS 5, the latest version of the iOS has over 250 new changes and tries to do away with the limitations of the iOS 4 by introducing some much needed changes such as a dedicated notifications center, BBM style messaging service called iMessage, Airplay mirroring, iCloud and over the air updates to further validate Apple’s “Post Pc era” philosophy. The betas released such as the iOS 5 Beta 4 can be considered as stepping stones for the final release candidate.

Although we don’t expect Apple to introduce radical new features in this beta, we are likely to find some tweaks in the functionality of the various features as well as ironing out of the bugs. In the iOS 5 Beta 3 we found that Apple had tweaked Facetime to make it compatible with Airplay mirroring. Let’s see if something similar is in store in for us. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

Update 1: iOS 5 Beta 4 is the first ever over the air update capable version of the iOS. Although right now many people are complaining of “try again” errors.

Update 2: Wifi sync capability on both Windows and Mac is a go! yeah!!

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