iOS 5 Beta 6 To Land On August 18?

It’s not been long since Apple released iOS 5 beta 5 for those who had been registered with their developers program. Charting the course of the previous beta releases, it was expected that another beta of the iOS would be on its way soon. While some of us have not even completely finished with tinkering around with the iOS 5 beta 5, a new development suggests that the new beta could in fact be released as early as august 18.

Now we have always been excited to get our hands on the latest beta that comes out and iOS 5 Beta 6 is going to be no different. Apple has always been secretive of their release dates and product announcements but if one does enough digging around, one’s bound to find something interesting. The folks at have discovered a file in iOS 5 beta 5 which seems to indicate the release date of beta 6 to august 18 as shown in the image above.


Now is seems that Apple remotely updates these files as initially it showed a date of august 17, but was later moved a day forward. With Apple’s upcoming fall event is rumored to be held somewhere around the first week of September, the next beta Is sure to be unveiled soon, even if not on the date mentioned above, because it is highly possible that Apple could officially announce the final version of the iOS 5 for the general public.

You can check out our guide to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 that we published and be sure to check in again as this story develops.

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