iOS 5 GM Seeded to Developers

As promised at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, Apple has seeded iOS 5 GM to developers just now. It is available for download after logging into Apple’s Developer Program. On the other hand the public build of iOS 5 is coming on October 12th.

Along with iOS 5 GM download, developers are also getting the following instructions which clearly state that iOS 5 compatible apps can now be submitted to App Store for review. Moreover iTunes 10.5 beta 7 or above must be installed on your PC to update the idevices to iOS 5 GM release.

iOS 5 GM Release

Here are the exact release notes:

  • Xcode 4.2 GM seed can now be used to submit iOS 5 applications to the App Store for review. Read the iOS 5 Readiness Checklist for instructions on how to prepare your app submission.
  • You must use iTunes 10.5 beta 7 to install iOS 5 GM seed on your devices. iOS 5 GM seed is not available via over the air software update.
  • Be sure to backup your devices using iTunes 10.5 beta 7 or through iCloud backup prior to installing iOS 5 GM seed. After installing iOS 5 GM seed, you can restore your device using either iTunes 10.5 beta 7 or through your iCloud backup.
  • Xcode 4.2 GM seed, iOS 5 GM seed, iTunes 10.5 beta, iWork for iOS beta, and Apple TV Software beta are pre-release software and are considered Apple Confidential Information and are subject to the terms of your iOS Developer Program License Agreement. Unauthorized distribution or disclosure of Apple Confidential Information is prohibited.

If you are not a developer, just wait few more days to get the public build of iOS 5 on your device. Coming on October 12th.

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