iOS 5 leaked, New Multitasking UI, New Folders, and Facebook Integration!

It has been exactly a year since Gizmodo leaked the iPhone 4. If you thought the leaks had stopped after this drama, then you were wrong. Today, exactly a year after the iPhone 4 leak, it appears as iOS 5 has been leaked.

Expose-like Multitasking switcher

Folks at Tinhte claim to have an early version of iOS 5. By the looks of it, it seems as iOS 5 will loose the spotlight menu as seen in iPhone OS 3, and iOS 4. Furthermore, it will get a fully revamped expose-like multitasking switcher. If that wasn’t enough, it will even get Facebook integration.

Facebook integration

Two videos showing of all features are embedded below. The first one showing the all new multitasking switcher and the new spotlight feature. Whereas, the second video is showing off the phone itself, and additional minor changes to the operating system.

Even though, there are jailbreak tweaks available to achieve this. Engadget has pointed out that Tinhte has a long history of genuine leaks. So, their claim of having iOS 5, could very well be true. [via Redmond Pie & 9to5Mac]

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4 thoughts on “iOS 5 leaked, New Multitasking UI, New Folders, and Facebook Integration!”

  1. okay i can be wrong but this looks fake specially the 2nd video, if its iOS 5 why is there no wi-fi hotspots feature in settings also why no facetime icon + old layout on the Phone interface? Also angry birds was uh… Fake! sad… nice multi-tasking but i dunno….

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