iOS 7 Beta Now Available for Download Through Dev Centre

The wait is finally over and all the rumor mills are also stopped after the announcement of iOS 7. The new version is packed with new design, typography and features. If you missed the online streaming of WWDC 2013, you can get the sneak preview of what’s new in iOS 7 by reading the article we have already published. The article about new iOS is not a full review but it will tell you what important is changed in it.

Download iOS 7 Beta:

ios-7-beta download

After the announcement of new iOS 7 version, everyone wants to install it on his device so that he can see how the new design and features look like. Unfortunately the first beta is available for iPhone only. If you have any other device, don’t bother to search the web to get download links because Apple didn’t release it. I hope the next beta versions will be available for all the supported devices.

As you know Apple release Developer Preview only through its Dev Centre Program. So if you have an account with Dev Centre, you can log in to download iOS 7. Another thing which is important is that your devices’ UDID should be registered before installing the beta release.

If you don’t have any Dev Account, please don’t ask for direct download links because it is illegal to distribute the beta versions of iOS.

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