Porting Siri from iPhone 4S to iPad 2

Siri iPad 2

Siri is available exclusively on iPhone 4S, which was announced at “Let’s Talk iPhone” media event. This feature can not be turned on older devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2 until some developers from jailbreak community develop a method to do so.

Siri iPad 2

If you are following the updates related to Siri, you should know that Siri for iPhone 4 is already under pipeline. But this is the first time we heard about iPad 2 Siri porting. Sonny Dickson tweeted few hours ago that he is working on Siri for iPad 2. He also attached an image with the tweet showing Siri settings in the Settings.app.

iPad 2 Siri Porting

iPad 2 Siri porting requires the installation of files extracted from iPhone 4S. But the porting experiment on iPhone 4 shows that Siri does not take the input commands on older devices. Sonny Dickson didn’t tell us about the status of iPad 2 Siri but we can guess the same issue is present with iPad 2.

There are few assumptions why SiriĀ  runs on iPhone 4S only and doesn’t take input on iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

  • It could be that iPhone 4S has some special microphone which is not present on older devices.
  • A4 processor in iPhone 4 and A5 processor in iPad could not support Siri. (This is very weak point because A4 processor is powerful enough to support Siri and iPad 2 already contains A5 processor.)
  • The third reason can be that Apple servers do not accept the input to be processed if it is coming from the device other than iPhone 4S (a valid point).

We will keep you updating on all news related to Siri porting on iPhone 4 and iPad 2. But one thing is obvious that it will require a jailbroken iPhone 4S/iPad 2 to install and run, if it comes.

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