iPad 2.0 Features Leaked: Video Call, Gyroscope, USB Port, Better Mobiliy and Display

According to a report published on DigiTimes, the next generation iPad 2.0 will bring 5 new features. The chinese language newspaper claims that Apple will add these five features:

  1. Better Mobility
  2. New Display Technology
  3. Gyroscope
  4. USB port
  5. Video Phone

Better Mobility:

Currently we don’t know what is meant by “Better Mobility”. It could simply suggest that Apple will be using new material technology, possible carbon fibre, to make the device lighter and thinner.

New Display Technology:

We have already shared the news that Apple is working on next generation display i.e., advanced projection-type capacitive touch panels. But I doubt that Apple will introduce this latest technology in iPad 2.0. However, we can say one thing with surety that iPad 2’s display will not be less than iPhone’s retina display.


After unifying the iOS 4.2.1 for all idevices, gyroscope will definitely be added in upcoming version of iPad. The teardown of existing iPad also shows an empty slot which could accommodate the gyroscope chip found in iPhone 4.

USB Port:

Well, Apple never used USB port in iany idevice. And I believe this feature will not be introduced in iPad 2.0 too. But iPad for European Countries might get this new feature.

Video Phone:

It is widely believed that Apple will add front-facing camera to iPad 2.0 for FaceTime. [digitimes]

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