iPad Apps Videos: Twitepad, Carter’s Encyclopedia and iMockups Get Demoed

This week some more videos of iPad apps have been released by smart developers officially. Although these apps are not special ones, but they address our basic tech needs.

1. Twitepad:

Twitepad is the first twitter application for iPad. It has got some really cool features. The most fascinating one is that you can handle multiple accounts. These days almost every tech person has got more than two accounts. By the way, you can also follow this blog on twitter and if you want to follow me only, you can click this link.

2. Carter’s Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine:

Are you a medicine student and want to keep a little encyclopedia with you? Carter’s Encyclopedia would be very helpful for you. It is equally beneficial for common person who is very conscious about his health. Note it this is not an eBook.

3. iMockups:

This app is very handy for writes and developers. You can write/sketch anything for future reference. If you are interested in such apps, you would love to check this iPad app PadNotes too.

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