iPad Mini Gets Leaked in Taiwan, The First Real Prototype Image

A surprising news for iPad fans! A famous Taiwan Pop Star Jimmy Lin shared a picture of real iPad Mini through his Sina Microblog account yesterday. The picture shows two devices, one is iPad and the other is iPad Mini and the topic of the message was “New Toy Mini iPad”.

Jimy also says in the message that it is a prototype and the size is good for his one year old son to play with.

Beside Jimmy is a pop star, he also was a very great racing driver and ever founded a very successful Technology company. Therefore, this has a big potential that what he is holding is a real mini iPad.

via Jimmy Lin’s Sina Microblog

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  1. Anonymoussays:

    I don’t think that one is a really 7inch iPad, as I don’t see the camera on it!! it’s a Big Old Hoax!
    Well, to the iPad 2, Im looking forward to be thinner, lighter, and with the camera, of course Facetime video chat support, though the first iPad make me sucked in videos and movies enjoy, though sometime need the help of iFunia iPad video converter for lack of flash support, I think if have the camera will be cooler and more appeal~

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